New services with CrewAssist

With the pandemic, the aviation industry is facing great challenges. So are thousands of employees, now having to restart their careers. An excellent range of support and service opportunities is offered in CrewAssist by OSM Aviation, – a great partner of SIAP Norway.

CrewAssist will help you stay relevant, stay sharp and be ready to take part of the exciting aviation industry, once again. Join today at:

Training courses and service

CRM training

Crew Resource Management courses, Initial and Recurrent, adhere to the EASA PART OPS regulations and are also adapted to the specific kind of operation, challenges and context of the operator. Rather than only lecturing, the courses are using examples and exercises relevant for the participants, bridging research and theory to their daily tasks as pilots, crew and employees.

We recently introduced Diversity Icebreaker® as a standard tool in these courses. With this tool we create space and mutual trust to go deeper into diversity and differences in personal preferences regarding communication, problem solving and cognitive style, and literally dive into implications for core CRM-subjects like situational awareness, decision-making, stress management, errors, teamwork, leadership and company culture.

Commander Courses

The focus in these courses is the Commander role in terms of leadership. The Commander has not only the final responsibility of operative decisions, but also the one to fulfil a lot of others duties and expectations. S/he is the leader of the entire crew onboard and the one to create new and well functioning teams several times a week. It is about creating safe and smooth solutions with employees on ground, with passengers, considering overall perspectives on logistics and efficient operations etc. It is about being a role model for the younger and less experienced, about representing the company both on- and off duty, and it is about finding ways to enjoy being oneself and meet all the challenges that go with a Commander Role.
Commander courses are developed and tailor-made for the client company.

Counselling services

Just like other people, professionals working within aviation do from time to time run into personal and/or professional difficulties. They might have challenges in their private life leading to a drop in professional performances, in normal duty time or on checks. There might be challenges when training and new ratings turn out to be a lot harder to manage than it was previously. Medical conditions mgiht also make their professional career coming to an end earlier than expected. Counselling with psychologists knowing their professional arena is then often an efficient way to improvements, typically back to previous level of professional performance and well-being, or occasionally to clear the ground for a new goals in life.