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SIAP offers on-site and online pilot assessments comprising:

  • Cognitive/aptitude testing
  • Big Five personality profiling
  • Interview including upfront stress and high mental workload testing
  • Mapping of social and CRM-relevant skills and FC-potentials

Our services are applied by:

  • Offshore and onshore helicopter operators
  • Fixed wing operators; from smaller business jet companies, toregional and bigger airlines
  • Flying training schools
  • Individuals considering pilot training and a pilot career

Tests & tools used for the psychological assessments are basically the same, but standards and requirements are adapted to the given assessment context and goals.

Why assess suitability for pilot training and employment?

  • Commercial operators have to meet the EASA CAT.GEN.MPA.175 regulation
  • A cost-effective assessment solution is a minimal expense compared to the costs of drop-outs and failures in pilot training. It is a quite simple calculation …
  • Pilot employees unable to deliver up to company standards drain resources from the HR- and training departments. It takes only a few questions to get confirmations …
  • It is a plain low-cost investment in the flight safety culture

The benefits of professional assessments of cognitive capacities, personal functioning, attitudes, social competences and motivation etc. are many for all stakeholders, including the applicants who avoid annoying career experiences.

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